Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Start Spreadin' the News!

What an amazing time we're having in New York this week! Before we buckle down to some intense Model UN action, we've had the chance to see a TON of New York city. We've mastered the subway system (even with transfers!) and have otherwise hoofed it all over this beautiful city. Dr. Greenfield's Fitbit counted over 20,000 steps on Monday alone! It's been raining and our feet may ache, but we all have smiles on our faces. Yesterday we visited Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and the Empire State Building. And today we had the chance to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island before splitting off into lunch groups in either Little Italy or Chinatown. We all left with happy bellies! We can't wait to show you all pictures, but if you can't wait, don't forget to visit the Seabury Instagram page. Mr. Mackenzie has been posting as many as he can in almost real time.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Ada Lovelace Day Pictures

Students examining radio sonde from a weather balloon used in Antarctica, brought by Climate Scientist Dr. Penny Rowe. Dr. Rowe came to help use celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and women in STEM fields.

 Microbiologist Jacqueline Baltunis ran a DNA extraction lab with our students. She is a great role model for being passionate and curious about science.

Our students using hashtags to show their excitement over doing hands-on science.

Cancer researcher Dr. Cindy Sprenger also visited on Ada Lovelace day and gave us a fabulous presentation on her work that is part chemistry and part biology.