Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Road Trip Pictures

Day 5: Stonehenge in Washington, Ape Cave, and Home

Our view of the Columbia River:

The Bee Funeral: (Ana didn't meant to be smiling, so we re-took this picture several times, but this was the best picture, so pretend she is really sad about the bee that died. They sang the bee a funeral dirge.)

Stonehenge is also a memorial to veterans of several wars. This plaque seemed worth capturing:

Ape Cave:

Descending into the Cave:

It was almost impossible for my camera to take pictures inside the cave, but I got these few shots during moments when flashlights were pointed in the right direction and we were standing still.

Day 4: The Grand Coulee Dam, Dry Falls, and the Gingko Petrified Forest

Morning at the cabins:

The Grand Coulee Dam and Interpretive Center:

Watching the Movie about the Dam's History + Evidence of Who Was Sleeping :-):
We found this amount of food fascinating:

The Dam Itself + Talking about the Dam and Lunch on the Lawn:

Dry Falls:

Ryan sharing his knowledge about Dry Falls from his first inquiry project from this past fall:

 Ginkgo Petrified Forest:

Swimming at the Hotel:

Day 3: Fossils and Lakeside Cabins

Day 2: Leavenworth (More Pictures May Be Added)
Today, we had a long morning bus trip with a short detour to a park where we went on a brief and beautiful hike in Monroe in search of a close-by restroom and then decided to just go to Safeway instead.

After lunch, we went to the Cashmere Pioneer Museum where our docents were in period garb. They patiently lead us through a tour of their cabins and their expansive collection of Native American and early pioneer artifacts. It was a little toasty outside by the cabins, so I know my group was happy to head inside. (We have been reminding everyone to wear sunscreen and drink water!) The highlight of the museum for many were the very cool rocks on display. There were also creepy dolls from the 1800s.

We spent the bulk of our day in Leavenworth. The students had a short break to check in at the hotel and swim before we headed into town for free exploration time. Some of the students did a photo scavenger hunt, some toured town and hiked around the island in the middle of the river (with adults present), and some enjoyed the quaint atmosphere and took leisurely strolls through shops.

Day 1: Bellingham (More Pictures May Be Added)

We went to the Spark Museum of Electricity, and Mr. Mackenzie gave the students a tour of his alma mater, Western Washington University. We had dinner in the very quaint town of Fairhaven.

Augmented Reality Mountains and Valleys at Western

Hanging out in the Environmental Science Building

 Theremin at the Spark Museum

Learning about the Electricity of Sound