Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Seabury Success at International Model UN Conference!

Seabury students had a blast touring New York and debating real world policy at the UNA-USA International Middle School Model United Nations Conference! Representing Italy and Guyana in simulated United Nations Committee sessions, students researched and prepared policy statements on issues ranging from human experimentation to transnational border security to the protection of World Heritage Sites. This was no easy task- months of research and preparation were necessary to fully understand what our nations would support and countless classroom hours were spent in preparing students for the "art of diplomacy."

Students attended four separate committee sessions, ranging from two to three hours each, where they presented issues in formal speeches, formed alliances, prepared draft resolutions, and voted on these resolutions. They spent time in the hotel lobby and conference halls further building alliances--this started from the moment we arrived with our suitcases in hand! Seabury students felt prepared and successful and most actively spoke and debated in their committee sessions, some even successfully preparing a resolution that was ultimately voted in. In fact, students were told that their resolutions would be taken to the actual UN committees for review and potential adoption- middle school students CAN change the world!!

The conference ended with an awards ceremony in the real General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, an amazing experience to say the least. Seabury was especially honored when the delegates of Italy won the Honorable Mention award in the ECOSOC committee, given to the delegates "deserving honorable mention for their diplomatic performance." Way to go!!

All in all, we had an amazing time, and a few new lifelong MUNers were born!