Friday, November 2, 2018

Community Service

Community Service is an integral part of using the city of Tacoma as our classroom. The city, its amenities, and the people who live here provide us with so much, we feel it is an important part of our curriculum to teach students the value of volunteerism and encourage them to act on empathy.

Over the past few days students have engaged in service efforts that they have chosen and helped to plan. These included trail clean-up, liter patrol, and plantings at Swan Creek Park, weeding and winter bed clearing at Wright Park, volunteering at the United Methodist Church Food Bank, and the making of 20 toys and 16 blankets for the Humane Society. Past alumnae and alumni from Seabury have mentioned the emphasis on service as a strength of the program, and it having a life-changing affect on them. 

Seabury Team Arrives at Food Bank

Stocking Items for the Food Bank

Wright Park Gazebo

The Fastest Bed Clearing Ever

Celebrating Hard Work

Picking Up Liter Near Swan Creek
Removing Invasives
Learning about Food Forest

Reminding Themselves why they by Looking at Creek

Proud Papas and their Baby Dogwood

Plant Expert

Junk Rescuers

Trash Pulled from the Blackberries (treasure)

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