Sunday, February 10, 2019

Leading First Friday Gathering

The first Friday of each month, the middle school heads to the lower school campus. It is a great opportunity for the middle school students to be role models and consider their role in a larger community. 

The middle school leads about half of the first Friday gatherings. They plan and organize the assembly. During the actual event, the students lead the assembly, practicing valuable public speaking skills. After they lead gathering and help with the craft and design projects, the middle schools students work with Seabury's youngest students. You can Mrs. West's blog post about the middle schoolers working with the ladybugs in January here. You have to scroll through a few pictures to get to the ones with the middle schoolers. 

Thank you to Kiefer and Ari for leading on February 1st!

This month, the middle school students shared information about genetics, genealogy, and family stories, which have been the main focus of J-Term.

They also plan brain breaks, like songs, games, and other brain-stretching activities.

They also shared information about Monkeyshines, a Tacoma event we were able to participate in.

Thank you to all of the students who took on leadership roles to put together a terrific assembly!

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